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Southeast Cattle Advisor blog

The Southeast Cattle Advisor provides articles on a variety of information related to cattle, including market information, inputs, and decision aids.  If you have not visited their web site, you can find it at  They also provide a periodic newsletter which sends the articles directly to your email address.
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Rainfall differences persist next week

The 7-day QPF forecast for rainfall for the Southeast shows the same split in rainfall that we have seen for the past couple of weeks.  Inland areas will see little to no rain for the next week, while areas along the coast and in the Florida peninsula will continue to…
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The problem with statistics

Modern Farmer had an interesting story this week about agricultural statistics–the counts of acreage, farm size, crops planted, and other measures of agricultural production.  In the story, the author points out that from one census to the next changes in how the counts are made can make it look like…
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