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Dry areas may get some relief this week

The latest 7-day QPF map shows that the storm track which has dumped so much rain on northern parts of the region is shifting south this week. The heaviest rain amounts are likely to be mid-week and located closer to the coast in southern Alabama and Georgia and…
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Severe drought appears in the Florida Panhandle

The latest Drought Monitor, released yesterday, shows that the area of moderate drought in the Florida Panhandle has gotten worse over the past week and is now classified as Severe Drought (D2). Most of this region was bypassed by the rain storms that drowned northern Georgia and Alabama in the last week. Fortunately, next week’s rain…
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Corn planting information from Rome Ethredge

Here is some important and useful information for folks that are planning to plant corn in Georgia over the next few weeks. It’s from Rome Ethredge in his Georgia Grain News newsletter. Remember that you can get soil temperature information from the UGA weather network at . Corn Planting…
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