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Landscape photos of the year

If you like beautiful images of the landscape, especially those containing weather elements, you will love this slide show of the winners of the 2018 Landscape Photographer of the Year competition. See them at the Beauty of Planet Earth here.
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New National Phenology Network forecast maps available for 12 pests

The USA National Phenology Network is now releasing an improved suite Pheno Forecast maps for 12 insect pests (listed/linked below). Pheno Forecast maps show when a species is predicted to reach a life cycle stage that is managed/controlled. The forecasts are based on published growing degree day thresholds and are available up to 6 days in…
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Heavy rain expected for northern parts of the region this week

The latest 7-day QPF forecast shows that heavy rain of up to seven inches (or perhaps more in a few isolated places) is expected to occur over the next week over the northern part of the Southeast. The heaviest rain will fall in the Tuesday through Thursday period, but rain is expected almost every day. By comparison, the southern part of the region will see little to no rain at all as it is bypassed by the storms.

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