With the passage of the cold front yesterday, we are now expecting a somewhat more quiet period as far as weather goes, since the week will be dominated by a cold high pressure. There is likely to be some wintry precipitation and perhaps snow in northern parts of the region, but keep in mind the map below shows the best (or worst) case, depending on whether you like snow or not (it is the maximum likely, not the most probable). After that storm moves out, the Southeast moves into the deep freeze, with temperatures on Wednesday and Thursday morning reaching well below freezing across most of the region into northern Florida. The coldest morning is likely to be Wednesday, with Thursday close behind. You can get more graphical forecasts for temperature at https://graphical.weather.gov/sectors/conus.php?element=T. Just click on your area to get a zoomed-in version. The green band of temperatures in the 30s is pushed all the way down into Florida, and many parts of southern GA and AL will be in the low 20s with colder temperatures to the north. Winds will make it feel even colder. The cold temperatures will be even harder on livestock, especially since there is calving going on in some areas. The UGA Beef team posted some helpful information on their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/ugabeefteam.

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