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Mobile site for reporting drought

Are you frustrated that the Drought Monitor is not accurately reflecting dry conditions in your area? It may be that they do not have any data there other than radar-based rainfall. Reports from “on the ground” can be invaluable for drawing the correct drought lines. Here is a new mobile-friendly…
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Heaviest rain off the coast this week

The latest 7-day QPF map shows that the heaviest rain will occur just off the East Coast this week, as the tropical low east of Florida moves to the northeast. There will still be the chance for intermittent and scattered thunderstorm rainfall over Alabama and Georgia this weekend before the…
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How bad could ragweed be this year?

WebMD posted a story about the likelihood of a “brutal” ragweed season in the next few weeks across the US. Ragweed grows best when temperatures are hot and moisture is plentiful. There has been enough of both earlier in this growing season to cause worries that a large ragweed population…
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