Climate and Agriculture in the Southeast

NWS: August 2018 Water Resources Outlook now available

If you are interested in the water resources across the Southeast, you might want to watch the latest Water Resources Outlook on YouTube produced by the National Weather Service Southeast River Forecast Center. You can watch it at There are no tropical storms coming in the near term, but if…
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Videos: “Global Weirding” series provides down-to-earth explanations of climate science

If you are interested in climate science and how climatologists view climate change, you might be interested in this video series called “Global Weirding” by Katharine Hayhoe of Texas Tech University. In the series, which releases a new video every two weeks, Dr. Hayhoe explains the science behind global warming…
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Rain continues to whittle away at dry conditions

The latest Drought Monitor, released this morning, shows that rain has reduced the scattered spots of abnormally dry conditions in eastern Alabama, although there was a slight expansion of abnormally dry conditions in the northwest part of that state. Elsewhere, small spots of dry conditions persist. No drought is expected…
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