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Puerto Rico’s drought improves, Southeast has slight changes

The latest Drought Monitor, released today, shows that the drought in Puerto Rico has significantly improved, with all severe (D2) drought disappearing and a big reduction in moderate drought. This is due to recent rains, including some rain from Hurricane Earl as it moved northeast of the island. In the…
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When is the peak of hurricane season?

If you know something about hurricane climatology, you probably already know that the peak of hurricane season is in early to mid-September based on the likelihood of a named storm occurring on any particular date. But it turns out that there are different ways to determine it based on counts,…
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Study finds climate change is waking bumblebees earlier from winter hibernation

A recent story in Physics Today described some new research from the University of Ottawa, which found the earlier arrival of spring in parts of North America negatively impacts bumblebee survival. This could potentially threaten bee-pollinated agricultural crops and other plant sources since if the bumblebees emerge before their food…
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