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The Tale of the Weather Bureau Kiosk

Did you know that the National Weather Service used to provide weather kiosks in the downtowns of major cities which had Weather Bureau offices? This was to provide local weather information to pedestrians and downtown businesses. But because of their design and their likelihood of being vandalized, they were phased…
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Venus: The once and future Earth?

If you have studied the solar system, you probably already know that Venus is the second planet from the sun, and that it is about the same size as Earth but has a much different atmosphere, with a lot more carbon dioxide than Earth has. But was it always like…
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Big expansion in drought this week

It is no surprise to anyone who needs rain that drought is expanding across the Southeast, and the latest Drought Monitor, released this morning, shows that expansion in a big way. For the region as a whole, almost 39 percent is now classified as moderate drought (D1) or worse. Virginia…
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