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Chilling hours for Georgia UGA weather stations and other locations

Fruit producers in Georgia may be interested in seeing our summary of chilling hours for all 87 UGA weather stations in one place. You can find the complete list which provides chill hours from November 1 through yesterday at It includes the last four years so you can see…
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Soil Moisture Sensors Benefit Vegetable Growers

Vegetable and Specialty Crop News posted a story from UGA about the benefits of monitoring soil moisture by preventing overwatering by irrigation. Soil moisture sensors can be fairly inexpensive and can help prevent overirrigation, which can improve input costs. We also have soil moisture available at the UGA Weather Network…
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Climate footprint calculators

Occasionally I get asked about where to find calculators to determine climate footprints by teachers or farmers. Here are a few sites that can help provide estimates of your climate footprint. Note that these would not be sufficient for a producer who is trying to show a detailed evaluation, but…
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