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“NASA’s SMAP Satellite Collects Soil Moisture Content Worldwide”

Modern Farmer posted an interesting story this week about the new NASA SMAP satellite, which collects global soil moisture data to help farmers understand the patterns of wet and dry conditions around the world that are affecting crops and water resources. The data will be made available in the USDA’s…
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Resources on changing climate in the Southeast

If you are ever asked about how climate is changing in the Southeast (and it is, although it is more subtle than some other parts of the US), then here is an excellent web site which provides links to several different resources.  You can visit it at I do…
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Useful interactive map resources for climate and agriculture

In the past week I’ve run across several sources of maps related to various aspects of climate that you might find useful. NOAA Global Vegetation Health Maps show the conditions of vegetation around the world on zoomable maps. Data are based on satellite scans from space.  for information or go directly…
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