This is the time of year that abnormally dry conditions can really start to affect agricultural production. This is true for both planting (seeds need moisture to germinate) and crop development. The Drought Monitor does not always do a good job of capturing the changing conditions as rapidly as we might like. In the past I have mentioned using the Drought Impact Reporter to provide on-the-ground reports of what you are seeing in your area. Now this has been expanded into a Condition Monitoring Report that allows you to provide your own observations of both wet and dry conditions in an expanded format that allows you to pick impacts by sector. You can find the new site for Condition Monitoring Observers Reports at I see a few reports from Georgia in the last few days and am glad to see that you are participating in this program, and I encourage you to submit reports when you see something that needs to be noted. Pictures are always appreciated to show what you are seeing, too.