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NASA GRACE shows soil moisture depletion

The use of satellites to monitor climate conditions provides some really good fine-scale detail about how conditions like soil moisture are changing over time. The NASA GRACE tool provides a look at soil moisture depletion in several different zones, including the root zone. This map from last week shows how…
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Dry conditions brought warmest ever high temperatures to much of the region

Because of the dry conditions across a lot of the Southeast in September, many stations in the region reported their highest ever average maximum temperature for the month, according to maps from the Southeast Regional Climate Center’s Perspectives tool ( Minimum temperatures were also ranked in the top five at…
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Climate Toolbox provides many useful agriculture tools for the continental US

The Climate Toolbox is an online source of climate information from a consortium of agencies in the Northwest. However, a number of their tools are available for the entire lower 48 states. You can view historical data for many different climate variables, including degree days, chill portions, evapotranspiration, and streaks…
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