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2014 Hay contest results show improvement from 2013 due to weather

The results of the 2014 hay contest are in, and show a marked improvement over 2013, when wet weather caused poor forage conditions across the Southeast.  Here is a paragraph from the contest summary: “Weather is always a major limiting factor when attempting to produce high quality forage. This year,…
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Dry conditions continue to plague farmers

The latest release from the National Agriculture Statistics Service shows that 79 percent of subsurface soils are short on moisture, according to Growing Georgia.   This continuing lack of rainfall has caused crops like soybeans, cotton and peanuts to fade and pastures to stop producing grass.  Even crops that were going…
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NWS graphical forecasts can be used for short-term planning

The National Weather Service has a product available on the web pages for their forecast offices that may be of some use for planning purposes up to five days ahead.  It is called the “Graphical Forecast’ and an image of the interactive map is below.  By moving your mouse over…
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