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Ethredge: What to expect this winter

Rome Ethredge posted some notes on what to expect this winter from a recent meeting of Southeast Climate Consortium members.  You can read the original post and see some pictures from the meeting at

Here are his take-away points from the meeting, based on the highly probable occurrence of a strong El Nino.  Keep in mind that he is located in southwest Georgia, so if you are reading this from a different location your results might vary, although El Nino effects are expected to impact all of the Southeast to some degree this year.

A.  There is a high probability that we will be cooler and wetter this fall and winter.
B.  We could start to see more “wet” as early as next month. Especially November through March.
C.  Growers should NOT delay harvest as wet weather later may keep them out of the fields entirely.
D.  Growers should not delay establishing cover crops.
E.  Growers should be aware that early corn planting next year might be affected.
F.  Could be tough to put out Telone II in the late winter, early spring next year so some may consider a fall 2015 application. (Per Dr. Kemerait)
G.  Lack of tropical storms this year is a result of El Nino.
Very strong El Ninos

Very strong El Ninos