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“Meet the woman who first identified the greenhouse effect”

Most climatologists attribute the discovery of the greenhouse effect caused by absorption of terrestrial energy by carbon dioxide and other so-called “greenhouse gases” to Irish physicist John Tyndall in 1859 and the following years. According to a story in Climate Change News, “A recently digitized copy of The American Journal of Science…
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“How weather balloons work and why they’re crucial to forecasting”

Here’s an interesting article about the weather balloons which are launched twice a day by National Weather Service folk to give us a view of the vertical structure of the atmosphere.  This knowledge is crucial in understanding the likelihood of severe weather, the type of wintry precipitation, and the pattern…
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“Climate, Meet Weather”

Are you interested in how computer forecasts of weather and climate are made?  Would you like to know how they compare?  In talks I give, I compare the two to a Ferrari versus a Ford pickup.  The Ferrari goes fast and looks great, just like a weather forecast model that…
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