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Brooks Co. Cotton & Soybean Production Update

Brooks County will be hosting a cotton/soybean production update meeting next week at 12 noon on Tuesday Feb. 10th. Dr. Jared Whitaker will be the speaker giving us an update on cotton/soybean production for 2015. Please join us for this meeting, and be sure to call the office before the event if you intend to come. 1 hour…
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Asian Soybean Rust

At this time, Asian Soybean Rust has not been reported in Georgia.  However, as with most crop diseases, conditions are favorable for the development of Asian Soybean Rust and when it appears the disease could develop quickly.  Of course, our weather patterns will be the driving factor behind the spread…
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Ultra-Late Soybean Production

In the last several years, many growers have experienced great success planting soybeans behind corn silage or traditional corn harvested early.  This double crop production system with soybeans has proved to be advantageous in the control of weeds and economically beneficial.  The price of soybeans has provided an economic incentive…
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