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Hurricane Irma and Pecans

Below is a blog post from Lenny Wells, pecan specialist about Hurricane Irma. After a blog post about the approach of one of the Tropical Storms that came through Georgia last year, a friend of mine said to me, “You couldn’t offer them any advice except to turn the water off?”…
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Lowndes Pecan Meeting

Lowndes County is having a pecan production meeting next Monday, July 17th from 12 pm to 2 pm. Please let the Lowndes Office know if you plan to go. Their number is (229)333-5185.
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Brooks County In Orchard Pecan Meeting @ Noon on March 15th

Brooks County will be hosting a In-Orchard pecan production meeting next week at noon on Tuesday March 15th. The meeting will take place at Hiers Farm in Dixie, GA. Dr. Lenny Wells giving us an update on pecan production management for 2016. Please join us for this meeting, and be sure…
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Pecan Pruning at Planting

Here is a good article from our UGA Pecan Extension Specialist Lenny Wells, For many things related to pecan production, there are almost as many opinions out there about how to do something as there are people to ask. When you get varying opinions on a subject, the thing to do is…
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Crop Overview/Harvest Outlook

Here is the 2015 Pecan Crop Overview/Harvest Outlook from Dr. Lenny Wells, With harvest already started on Pawnee, pecan growers will soon be in the heat of the battle to get the crop harvested and sold. With that in mind, I wanted to offer this overview of how the crop looks to…
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Sprayer Coverage in Pecan Orchards

Below is a great article from Dr. Lenny Wells concerning sprayer coverage in our pecan orchards For those of you who may have missed the GPGA Field Day in Byron, GA last week, I wanted to share with you what I consider one of the most clear-cut demonstrations of sprayer…
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A Late-Summer Look at Pecan Cultivars

Here is a nice article from Lenny Wells covering three newer pecan cultivars, The topic of cultivars is an endless source of discussion for pecan growers. We are always on the lookout for the perfect cultivar but in reality it probably doesn’t exist. Every orchard situation is different and there are problems…
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What to Look for in your Leaf Samples

Pecan Growers, Here is an article from Lenny Wells recapping leaf tissue sampling in our orchards, The time for pecan leaf tissue sampling has arrived. The recommended  period for this is from July 7-August 7. The reason for this window of time is that the nutrients are at their most stable point…
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