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Row Crop Disease Update

I wanted to share disease updates and UGA recommendations, for peanuts, cotton, and soybeans.  Please call me if you have any additional questions. Peanut:  We have experienced a couple of weeks of ideal conditions (very hot temperatures & scattered rainfall) for leaf spot diseases and white mold.  In order to protect…
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ALERT: Downy Mildew of Cucurbit Detected in Georgia

Courtesy of Dr Bhabesh Dutta UGA Extension Vegetable Pathologist: Downy mildew of squash has been detected from Thomas County in Georgia (May 3, 2016). These observations indicate that inoculum of downy mildew is currently in GA and under favorable conditions (cool and wet conditions) potential disease outbreak in cucurbit can occur. I would suggest our cucurbit growers…
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Soybean rust found in Southwest GA

Asian soybean rust has finally been found in Georgia in 2015.  The disease was found on soybean leaves from sentinel plots in Attapulgus, Decatur County.  Asian soybean rust has been slow to develop in Georgia and Alabama this year, but has been found scattered throughout Mississippi. Dr. Bob Kemerait, UGA…
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Downy Mildew of Watermelon Detected in Georgia

Downy mildew of watermelon has been detected from Sumter County in Georgia (June 10, 2015). These observations indicate that inoculum of downy mildew is currently in GA and under favorable conditions (wet conditions) can be a potential problem in watermelon. I would suggest our watermelon growers to look for the…
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Southern Corn Rust Found In GA – Be On The Lookout

On Friday Andrew Shirley found Southern Corn Rust in a field in Mitchell County. Remember Southern Corn Rust is the most important disease on corn! Rain is back in the forecast for next week, which will be favorable for development of rust. Any corn that is approaching (or has passed)…
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NO Counter on Cotton 2015

We just received word from the GA dept. of Ag. that Counter will not receive a Sec. 18 for 2015. Here is a report from Dr. Bob Kemerait, Extension Plant Pathologist; “I received official word from the Georgia Department of Ag that the EPA has denied our request to use…
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2015 Vegetable Fungicide/Herbicide Spray Programs & New pesticide labeling

  The Brooks County Extension Vegetable meeting was held on February 25th.  At this meeting, I shared information and handouts related to many new labels that have been acquired for 2015 growing season.  I have included links that provide this information for fungicides, nematicides, insecticides, and herbicides.  Also, I wanted…
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Oats & Barley Yellow Dwarf

t Last week I found cherry oat aphids in winter grazing. This aphid transmits a virus called Barley Yellow Dwarf Virus.  You may first notice the negative effects of this insect feeding, with discoloration of oats/ryegrass.  It will have discoloration very similar to grass that has experienced frost damage.  Of…
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