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EPA Orders Cancellation of Dow’s Sulfoxaflor (Transform)

Below is the latest on EPA’s order to cancel Dow’s Transform By Angus Catchot, Extension Entomologist, Jeff Gore, Research and Extension Entomologist and Don Cook, Research Entomologist November 13, 2015 – See more at: By now many of you may have heard that Sulfoxaflor, the active ingredient in Transform,…
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Proposed label changes for pollinator protection

Here is an alert from Dr. Stormy Sparks: The link below and the information attached concerns PROPOSED label changes for MOST insecticides we use in vegetables (and other crops). This currently will apply only to situations where growers are contracting for pollination services (but can easily be expanded). This will…
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Pest Alert – Sugarcane Aphid

Late summer 2014 – We can all remember the new invasive pest that occurred last year, the sugarcane aphid (SCA).  SCA infestations occurred in practically every sorghum field and in may cases resulted in production and economic losses.  Please be aware that the first documented appearance on sorghum was identified…
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Halex GT Corn Herbicide Mixing Guidelines

As we begin to consider and apply postemergence weed control in RR field corn, I wanted to share a mixing guideline for the corn herbicide Halex GT.  Halex GT is a three way premix of glyphosate + mesotrione + s-metolachlor.  This informational sheet from Syngenta provides details and mixing order…
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2015 Vegetable Fungicide/Herbicide Spray Programs & New pesticide labeling

  The Brooks County Extension Vegetable meeting was held on February 25th.  At this meeting, I shared information and handouts related to many new labels that have been acquired for 2015 growing season.  I have included links that provide this information for fungicides, nematicides, insecticides, and herbicides.  Also, I wanted…
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Georgia Clean Day – Update

We received a call yesterday, from the Georgia Department of Agriculture, informing us that Brooks County’s Georgia Clean Day has been rescheduled.  The new date, set by the Georgia Department of Agriculture, is November 12, 2014.  Also, due to the change in collection date, we will be accepting additional product…
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