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The Brooks County Extension office is currently conducting and/or participating in several research plots.  I appreciate the Brooks County producers who are cooperating with our office and allowing this applied research work to be conducted on their farms.  I am grateful for the support and participation in our educational programming and research.  Thanks to all who generously commit their time and services to make this field work possible.

Please keep in mind, that the type and kind of applied research conducted and evaluated by Brooks County Extension, is based entirely upon direct input from producers.  So, please share your suggestions and recommendations with me.  I hope that the information gained from the current Brooks County trials will ultimately be useful and applicable to Brooks County growers and their operations.

2015 Brooks County Extension Research Trials:

1.  Peanut Burrower Bug – Three fields will be evaluated for potential burrower bug population and the effect of planting into various tillage practices (residue, light harrow, deep turn).  These fields will be closely monitored with field traps, light traps, and soil moisture readings.  In addition, we will evaluate a fourth peanut field that receives varying application rates at differed times with Lorsban. ag32_burrower_bugs





2.  Soybeans – Two different fields are planted in Brooks County with six different varieties; one to compare seed treatments and their economic return and the second to measure the yield effect from different potash sources.soybean picture




3.  Tobacco Black Shank Resistance Trial – One field planted in eight tobacco varieties and replicated four times.  This tobacco field is being evaluated every three weeks for Tomato Spotted Wilt Virus and Black Shank disease.









4.  Corn Silage Variety Trial – One field planted in twenty three varieties and replicated three times.  This silage will be harvested to determine yield for:harvest 12

1. green tons @ 35% moisture

2.  pounds of milk per acre.




5.  Insect Monitoring –  In addition, we are collaborating with Dr. Mark Abney and Dr. Phillip Roberts to place traps for both Tobacco Thrips and Corn Earworm (CEW)/Tobacco Budworm (TBW).  I will post reports for you that will include current numbers and flight activity.corn earwormtobacco budwormthrips