Brooks County Ag Connection

The Story of the South Carolina Flood

This article is by a fellow county agent Justin Ballew in Florence County, SC. Please take time to read and watch the video on the effects the weather has had on SC farmers this season. When the flood occurred back in October, Clemson Extension began compiling photos, videos, and testimonies…
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Reduce Your Risk of Moldy Hay

By Dr. Dennis Hancock, Associate Professor and Forage Extension Specialist Because of the wet fall, many producers have faced extremely difficult field curing conditions for their hay. Additionally, hay that was bone dry in the field has, in many cases, developed mold problems in the barn. This later issue has been…
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November expected to be warmer and wetter than normal

The November outlook for climate across the United States is out and shows that the Southeast has a high probability of having above normal temperatures and precipitation for the month as a whole.  You can view these maps along with 3 month outlooks at the Climate Prediction Center website   
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El Nino and its impact on weather in May

Parts of the country are really starting to feel the consequences of receiving record amounts of rain in May. El Nino is to blame according to University of Georgia Climatologist Pam Knox. Some farmers are now dealing with planting delays, fields in need of replanting, and sick livestock. There may…
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El Nino Weather Podcast

This year’s El Nino is particularly weird according to University of Georgia Climatologist Pam Knox. Typically, El Nino starts around late December, but this time around it did not start until about March. Because of that, subtropical jet streams have shifted over Texas and Oklahoma during their planting season, causing…
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