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Final “Using Pesticides Wisely” Training for 2018!

June 1st will be the final Using Pesticides Wisely Training for 2018. All corn, cotton and soybean growers who plan to use the new dicamba and 2,4-D herbicides must complete a Using Pesticides Wisely course before using the technology. This is for the Engenia, Enlist Duo, Enlist One, Fexapan and…
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Soybean Weed Control

The soybeans in the picture without any pigweed were managed the following way: 1) Started out clean. 2) Used 2 residual herbicides (1 PRE + 1 POST).  For RR soybeans, look to Boundary or Dual Magnum or Warrant – PRE followed by Roundup + Reflex or Prefix (Reflex + Dual Magnum) –…
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Peanut Weed Tips

Dr. Eric Protsko UGA Weed Specialist has a few things for us to consider as we head into July: 1) Cobra or Ultra Blazer applications should be avoided if possible when the peanut plants are in the R5 (beginning seed) to R6 (full seed) stage of growth (Figure 1).   Results…
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Morningglory ID

Morningglory species are can be some of the hardest weeds to control in a field. Proper identification is the key to achieving  control. If anything know the difference Smallflower morningglory compared to others. Why is this important? Not all morningglories are controlled equally by certain herbicides. Here are a few…
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Current Field Corn Weed Control Issues

Here is a post from UGA Weed Scientist Eric Prostko The rainy weather this week has delayed many postemergence herbicide applications in field corn.   Consequently, growers will be forced to make some tough decisions when the weather clears.  Here are a few things to consider: 1) Refer to the…
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2015 Vegetable Fungicide/Herbicide Spray Programs & New pesticide labeling

  The Brooks County Extension Vegetable meeting was held on February 25th.  At this meeting, I shared information and handouts related to many new labels that have been acquired for 2015 growing season.  I have included links that provide this information for fungicides, nematicides, insecticides, and herbicides.  Also, I wanted…
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