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asian soybean rust
Asian Soybean Rust

At this time, Asian Soybean Rust has not been reported in Georgia.  However, as with most crop diseases, conditions are favorable for the development of Asian Soybean Rust and when it appears the disease could develop quickly.  Of course, our weather patterns will be the driving factor behind the spread and increased risk of this disease.  Asian Soybean Rust has been found active in kudzu in southwest Alabama and the peninsula of Florida.  We should begin planning our soybean protection program, while keeping in mind that we are most concerned about protection from bloom until early pod stage.  The R1 – R5 is the critical zone that requires protection.  Currently, we are in the position to apply fungicides as an early protection/preventative measure. We may consider tank mixing fungicide options with other pesticide applications.  Historically, during seasons of heavy disease pressure, we are in much better positions to increase soybean yields when fungicide applications are made.

soybean growth chart 2


Please refer to the Soybean Disease Control Chart below (click on picture to enlarge):

soybean disease chart

chart 2