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June 2014

  • Tobacco Budworm Corn Earworm I will provide weekly updates to you related to our pheromone trap captures.  Of course, as we would expect, this week’s numbers are very low.  But we can watch the progression throughout the growing season and possibly anticipate required sprays based on counts.  Please click on the link below for further […]

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  • Sprayer Calibration

    I wanted to share with you a free mobile app that I have found to be quick and easy to use when calibrating a sprayer.  I simply enter the parameters that is requested and select the method that you want the app to calculate.  I usually request the app to figure volume/area.  After, I collect […]

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  • I wanted to share water requirement information, provided in the following chart, and demonstrate the importance of water/irrigation during squaring.  Dr. Guy Collins and Dr. Jared Whitaker (UGA agronomist) have provided weekly water requirements for cotton.  The first chart recommends 1″ of water per week, during the first three weeks of squaring.  Although, this is […]

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  • Cotton – PGRs

    At this point, much of the earlier planted cotton is squaring and it is time to consider our options and  begin applying plant growth regulators (PGRs).  I want to share information related to the timing of these applications and various strategies we can use with PGRs.  First, recalling our objective with the application of PGRs […]

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  • May Beetles in Pecans

    During the past two weeks, I have had the experience of learning about a new predator in pecans.  I have been visiting  with a family that has young 2014 planted pecans.  This family’s discovery of a mysterious foliage feeder, has proven to be an opportunity, to educate myself and possibly others about the feeding habits […]

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  • Vegetable Alerts

    I want to share several vegetable alerts that was brought to my attention by Dr. David Langston. 1.  Serious epidemic of Downy Mildew located and confirmed in Cook County.  We need to be aware of this discovery because Downy Mildew can spread rapidly and produce devastating effects.  You can identify this disease by locating very […]

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  • Peanut tank mixes

    As we finish the last at cracking herbicide sprays, and move into the first of our fungicide and post emergence herbicide applications, I wanted to share information pertaining to tank mix combinations.  Dr. Eric Prostko urges caution when combining a variety of products into one tank mix. Of course, we all want to save time, […]

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  • I wanted to make you aware of various research plots and insect monitoring the the Brooks County Extension office is conducting and/or participating in.  I hope the work and eventual results from these tests will provide information that is useful and applicable to Brooks County producers.  The final results obtained from the variety, performance, and […]

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  • Thrips in Cotton

    I’m sure by now, everybody has found thrips and thrips damage everywhere. We are all aware what a serious pest thrips can be in our cotton and that it is a given, with the loss of Temik, that we are going to have to follow our current seed treatments with foliar sprays.  I first spotted […]

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  • I was informed by a producer on Wednesday that he had discovered Bermudagrass Stem Maggot in his hay field.  I wanted to share this alert with you so you will be aware that we may be seeing more of this invasive pest earlier this season.  The bermudagrass stem maggot results when the adult fly (small […]

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