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I wanted to make you aware of various research plots and insect monitoring the the Brooks County Extension office is conducting and/or participating in.  I hope the work and eventual results from these tests will provide information that is useful and applicable to Brooks County producers.  The final results obtained from the variety, performance, and disease trials will be made available to producers through this site and our annual production meetings.  I will provide updates on insect monitoring as it applies to production through the growing season.

I would like to express my sincere appreciation to the cooperators that allow Brooks County Extension to conduct trials on their farms.  Brooks County Extension is grateful for grower support and participation in our programming and research.  Thank You.

2014 Brooks County Extension Research Trials and Insect Monitoring:

1.  Corn Silage Variety Trial – 25 varieties, replicated 3 times

2.  Cotton Variety Performance Test – 12 varieties, replicated 3 times

3.  Tobacco Black Shank Resistance Trial – 4 varieties, replicated 4 times

4.  Spotted Wing Drosphilia trap monitoring

5.  Tobacco Budworm and Corn ear worm traps monitoring (Beginning @ end of June in soybean, peanut, cotton, and corn)

6.  Thrips trap monitoring (peanuts) – Provided, maintained, and reported by UGA Peanut Entomology Dept.

I have included the most recent thrips chart, provided by Dr. Mark Abney, detailing  thrips movement in peanuts.