A colleague forwarded me the following learning opportunities in viticulture and enology, as particularly related to Bordeaux cultivars. Given that some Bordeaux cultivars are widely planted throughout the southeastern US, these  “short courses” may be of interest to some UGA Extension Viticulture Blog subscribers.


Bordeaux Sciences Agro has created short courses in English for wine professionals. Bordeaux Sciences Agro is the agricultural university of Bordeaux with great expertise in viticulture, enology, terroir and sensory analyses. We have an international team of professors, who are not only acclaimed scientists, but who also have close connections with the industry. In 2020, we offer three short courses:

Bordeaux wine making specificities:

Terroir and vineyard management:

Sensory analysis, a tool for monitoring wine making

These courses are tailored for winemakers, viticulturists, technical managers and consultants.

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