On Saturday, June 8, the Vineyard and Winery Association of West Georgia presented the annual Southern Winegrape Symposium in Carrollton, Georgia.  New and existing vineyard and winery owners from across the state participated in the day long educational program.  The following are the presentations slides from the featured speakers.

Winery Licensing – Kevin Leff, Sard & Leff, LLC

Development of Integrated Pest Management Strategies to Improve Management of Spotted Wing Drosophila & Sour Rot in Grapes – Brett Blaauw, UGA Entomologist

Vineyard Spray Program Strategies – Fritz Westover, Westover Consulting

Season Long Vineyard Management and Labor Required – Dr. Cain Hickey UGA Viticulturist and Bruce Cross Trillium Vineyards

Helping Vineyard and Winery Businesses Grow and Prosper – Todd Anduze, Small Business Development Center

Powdery and Downy Mildew – Identification, Management, and Fungicide Resistance Issues Dr. Phil Brannen UGA Plant Pathologist Specialist

Vineyard and Winery Association of West Georgia Update – Doug Mabry VWAWG Executive Director

For more information about the Vineyard and Winery Association of West Georgia visit https://vinewinewga.com/index.html.