I write a column in the Southern Region Small Fruit Consortium’s quarterly newsletter entitled “Small Fruit News”.

The column is a “grape chores list” to complement the caneberry and strawberry chores lists contained in the newsletter.

This chores list may contain some information that is valuable to blog readers, so I thought I’d share it. The current list covers from pre-leaf drop through to dormant pruning, where the next list will pick up. However, I am not sure how valuable chores 3., 4. and 5. are at this point, so hopefully folks were on top of those (in fact, the fertilization chore was covered in a blog post back on October 8th).  Chore 3. may still have a shot at being completed if leaves have not yet fallen and island symptoms remain on the canes.

It is available here:

Small Fruits Newsletter – Vol17-Issue4

and here: