Are you interested in Junior-Senior District Project Achievement? Whether you have competed before or are planning to start new this year, we are excited to help you succeed. Now is the time to get registered for the event so we know you are interested and can help you get your project ready to go for competition. For more general information on DPA, please feel free to call us at 912-557-6724 (ext. 4) or email us at

Important Deadlines to Know

Registration Deadline – November 12, 2021

Final Portfolio Deadline: December 17, 2021 (All completed & finalized portfolios must be submitted by this date. If you would like Mrs. Rebekah to review\tweak your portfolio, you will need to submit it to her by December 1st!)

Payment due to the Extension Office: January 7, 2022

In-person DPA Competition at Rock Eagle 4-H Center: February 11-13, 2022

Important Forms for Registration

STMS 7th\8th DPA Registration Form: Available Here

NTMS 7th\8th DPA Registration Form: Available Here

Senior 9th-12th grade DPA Registration Form: Available Here

Other Helpful Documents

Having trouble figuring out where something goes in your portfolio? Consult the “Where does it go?” handout.

No idea how to start a picture page? Check out this Senior Portfolio Photo Page Template in Canva. Junior picture pages are the same style, but you will only create 1 page.

Need more general information on rules, project areas, guidelines, etc.? Visit the Georgia 4-H Project Achievement Website.

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