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About Chris Tyson

I am the UGA Extension Onion Agent and Coordinator of the Vidalia Onion and Vegetable Research Center.

White Mold Disease Update

As the season progresses, we are starting to see more white mold in peanuts.  Please see the crop disease update below, which includes strategies for ramping up your white mold spray program if you are not satisfied with your control. Crop Disease Update from Bob Kemerait 1. We still have…
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Southeast Pecan Field Day Coming Up

Southeast Pecan Field Day Coming Up!  The Southeast Georgia Pecan Field Day is coming up soon!  It will be held on Wednesday, August 19th.  It will start at 9:00 am, and end with a catered lunch.  The field day will be held at Parker Brothers Farm, located at 334 Veal…
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Foliar Feeding Cotton

As our cotton is progressing, we are approaching peak bloom on some of our oldest cotton.  This is the time when many growers will begin to apply foliar fertilizer to their cotton, usually nitrogen or potassium.  Foliar fertilizer is used to supplement a good soil applied fertilizer program.  Some growers…
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Yellow Peanuts

As our peanuts progress through the season, sometimes yellow areas or spots may begin to show up in fields.  Peanuts can be yellow for several reasons, including nitrogen deficiency due to poor inoculation or low pH, or in areas where it has been excessively wet.  However, often times the yellow…
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Cotton Blooming, PGR Rainfast Timing

  I have seen a few cotton fields blooming this week.  Most of them were planted in early May.  Some of the growers have already sprayed these fields with the first application of PGR and Boron.  During this time of year, we often get “pop-up” thunderstorms that interfere with folks…
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