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Pecan Budmoth

Recently I was visiting with Andrew Sawyer, the Southeast District Area Pecan Agent. We had discussed damage related to the pecan budmoth. So I wanted to give everyone a brief update on the extent of this pest for the current season.

The pecan budmoth (Gretchina bolliana) is a native pest to both pecan and hickory species throughout the pecan belt occurring from South Carolina to Florida and West Texas.


Mark Dreiling,

When the female moths lay eggs in the buds and shoots the larvae begin feeding on the buds. This can kill the bud causing multiply branching in the terminal and lateral branching. Timely applications is important to prevent this damage. Intreprid, Dimilin, Spintor, Altacor, and Minet are some good options.

Here is an example of pecan budmoth damage to a young tree. As you can see from the photo below there is dead foliage at the leaf tips.


Pecan Bud Moth Damage, Jerry A. Payne.