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Taking a good forage sample

By Ray Hicks Screven County CEC Forages are the basis of most of our livestock enterprises. Moreover, the nutritional make up of that forage should be the foundation of a balanced diet for our livestock but many times this is took for granted. Many factors (e.g. variety, maturity, growing conditions,…
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Managing tall fescue toxicosis

By Adam Speir Madison County CEC Tall Fescue is a forage workhorse for livestock producers from north Georgia to New England. It is a cool-season perennial grass that is tolerant of many conditions, covers more than 1 million acres north of the Fall Line, and supplements bermudagrass pastures for many livestock producers from…
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Thankful for Great Mentors

In this season of thankfulness, I am most grateful for my God, my family, and my country. Most of us are. Still, I would like to pay special homage to some great mentors that I have had. I have been blessed with many, many mentors. So many have been influential…
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Cool-season wildlife food plots

By Jeremy Kichler Colquitt County CEC Winter annual crops can make excellent food plots for wildlife. Cool season grasses include wheat, oats, rye, and triticale.   Clovers can be planted in food plots in order to attract insects and produce seed for birds. Soil Sample One of the first things wildlife…
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Dealing with forage diseases

By Adam Speir Madison County CEC For most forage producers, disease is usually the least dealt-with component of the “forage pest-trifecta” of weeds, insects, and diseases. Just like humans, forages have a general tendency to withstand disease pathogens that are present in the environment. However, situations can develop where disease…
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Understanding a horse’s digestive system

By Lucy Ray Morgan County CEC The horse has one of the most complex, and arguably, the most frustrating, digestive systems of any grazing livestock species that owners/producers deal with. When one thinks of feeding horses, frightening scenarios like colic and founder can come to mind. While certain parts of…
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