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Wet conditions could cause problems for pecans

WALB in Albany GA reported that wet conditions in early 2014 could increase scab problems for pecan growers this year.  Dougherty County extension agents reported at their county commission meeting that prices are down but growers are continuing to plant.  They suggest that an early start with fungicides this year…
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Two online rainfall data sources

How much did it rain last week?  This is a question I get asked frequently by a variety of people, including Extension agents and producers.   There are many sources of  weather and climate data, but two I find particularly useful because of their map formats are listed below. The first…
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Short and long-term outlooks

Looks like a wet weekend for most of Georgia, particularly south Georgia, where isolated areas could receive up to six inches of rain.  With the wet conditions already in place, some local flooding is definitely a possibility. On the longer term, drought is not expected to make an appearance in…
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