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Post-Irma storm surge assessment

If you live along the coast, you will be interested in this assessment of storm surge conditions around the Southeast from Hurricane Irma.  Because the storm was so large, storm surge occurred at a much wider scale than is usual for hurricanes.  You can read more about it at
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Six surprising things about Hurricane Irma

While I still have power at my house, here is an article about some interesting facts on Irma from my colleague Dr. Marshall Shepherd at UGA from  You can read it (if you have power or internet access) at Also, here is a cool MODIS image of Irma…
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Late evening update on Irma

I have a lot to do to prepare for Irma tomorrow but here are a couple of sources of information that describe the storm and its likely impacts. Also check my Facebook feed for SEAgClimate for additional information from other sources. Note the wide area of tropical storm force winds…
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