We are now entering the peak hurricane season, and as expected, the tropics are now rapidly becoming more active. The 5-day Atlantic outlook has two areas that are expected to develop into named storms. The eastern wave has a 90 percent chance of development, and could be named Laura in just a day or two. The western area has a lower chance of 60 percent chance of development in five days, and if it develops after the eastern wave, would be called Marco.

While it is far too early to determine exactly what path and intensity they will take, both are expected to move towards the WNW for most of the next week, bringing them into close proximity to the Gulf of Mexico and the US, including Puerto Rico. We will need to watch closely for what paths they do take to see if either of them will affect us, most likely early next week. I’ll be providing updates in this blog as they develop. You should be preparing for the extreme weather of a tropical storm or hurricane, just in case one comes over the Southeast. This is just the beginning of what could be a string of storms coming off of Africa over the next few weeks in this active season, so now is the time to prepare if you have not already.