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North Carolina AIR Tool Offers Air Quality and Weather Data, in Detail

If you are interested in air quality information and weather data in North Carolina, this new website might be of use to you. The Ambient Information Reporter, or AIR, tool combines a wealth of statewide weather observations from the North Carolina ECONet and National Weather Service with air quality monitors…
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Counting the Days to Maturity: Calculating planting dates for fall vegetables

Here is a useful article for those of you who are home gardeners and are starting to think about planting fall crops. It’s from The Garden Professors blog, the other blog I contribute to. This one is written by John Porter of University of Nebraska Extension. He includes a map…
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NIDIS Launches New Interactive Maps on

NIDIS is pleased to announce two new interactive features on that will make it easier for decision makers and the public across the U.S. to share timely, reliable drought information. First, new customization and sharing options for all maps make it easier than ever to create custom, high-quality maps to include…
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