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Climate trends across the US

Are you interested in seeing how climate is changing across the US over time? This came up for discussion on a listserve that I follow today. Here is a good description of an NCEI product that produces maps of trends over time for the lower 48 states: You can…
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Resilient Rural America Project

The Resilient Rural America Project is a program that is designed to help rural Americans become more resilient to extreme weather as well as changing climate conditions. You can read more about it at One of their major outputs so far has been an online module that rural communities…
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USDA Hurricane Preparation and Recovery Commodity Guides

The USDA Southeast Climate Hub has recently expanded their list of guides for hurricane preparation and recovery. There are guides available for each state but there are also guides available for many different commodities and agricultural products in the region. The guides include livestock, forests, forage, and even beekeeping in…
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