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Global wind map shows massive storm in the North Atlantic

Even though the storm system hitting the eastern US today is pretty strong, it pales in comparison to the massive low pressure center south of Iceland in the northeast Atlantic Ocean today.  For a great picture of the streamlines of wind across the North Atlantic, go to,38.74,563 and watch…
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Temperature map shows big changes coming

  This surface temperature map and weather analysis shows the changes that are coming to the Southeast as the next cold front passes.  On this map from Chris Robbin’s Facebook page, you can see the cold air behind the advancing cold front, which is just to the west of Mississippi. …
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Evaporative stress index can identify flash droughts early

The evaporative stress index is a way of measuring rates of evapotranspiration from plants and the ground using satellite data.  The higher the rates of water use, the more negative the evaporative stress index.  The two maps below show the maps for September 2 and September 8.    You can…
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