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Which city has the most unpredictable weather?

FiveThirtyEightScience published an interesting article this week on using statistics to determine which parts of the US had the most and least predictable weather.  They used a combination of ten different variables including max and min temperature, precipitation, winds and severe weather to determine how changeable each value was.  The…
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Amazing cold outbreak continues

My meteorologist and climatologist friends have been posting one story after another about the extreme cold weather we have experienced in the past day.  Today many areas set records for low maximum temperature, and some record lows were set.  Tomorrow morning, many more record lows are expected to be broken….
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Impacts of the strong Arctic air flow

The current outbreak of cold air that has moved into the Southeast from Canada is blowing strongly outside my window tonight, dropping temperatures quickly to near-freezing levels.  This outbreak is so strong that it has produced a “Tehuantepecer” or flow across Mexico from the Gulf of Mexico into the Pacific…
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