The wind map for tonight shows a strong frontal boundary just about to hit Dallas this evening and stretching up to Columbus OH.  You can see it as a sharp transition of wind direction from winds from the south ahead of the front (which gave us our nice warm weather today) and the strong flow out of the northwest in the central Plains.  Fortunately, this front will be much weaker when it gets to the Southeast and is mainly expected to affect northern parts of the region with showery weather.  A wedge may develop on Tuesday as high pressure moves in to the north, continuing the showery weather in northeast Georgia.  Based on the QPF forecasts, large accumulations are not expected.  You can see the wind map in action at  If you want to read forecast discussions from the NWS on the weather outlook, you can find it at (note this is the link for FFC Peachtree City, you will have to use your local 3-letter identifier if you are in a different forecast area in place of FFC in the string above).

wind map 11-30-2014