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Identify corn ear pollination problems

As a climatologist, I am always trying to understand more about how climate impacts other aspects of the economy, and especially how it affects agriculture. So I found this article on how the weather affects the ability of corn to pollinate to be fascinating, because I learned more about how…
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Cotton & Covers: Southeastern farmers share their soil health journey

The Soil Health Institute is a non-profit charged with safeguarding and enhancing the vitality and productivity of soils. They will release Cotton & Covers, a Healthy Soils for Sustainable Cotton video series, on August 20, 2020. The series follows three Southeastern cotton producers as they discuss their individual journeys to build profitable soil…
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Satellite image of Midwest shows extent of crop damage

The derecho that moved through the Midwest yesterday did a tremendous amount of damage to the crops in the region. Here is a comparison of before and after images which show how much corn was knocked down by winds of up to 113 mph. If you don’t know what…
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