Climate and Agriculture in the Southeast

Alabama cotton estimated to be third highest yield in history

Southeast AgNet Radio network posted a story today noting that in spite of some weather challenges this year, Alabama cotton yields are expected to be the third highest in history. Other crops also did well, although farmers were hurt by low prices for those crops. You can read more at
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How to farm in winter

Can you grow vegetables and other crops in winter? Well, of course it depends on where you are, since in south Florida you never experience frost and things grow all year. But for most of the Southeast, at some point you will experience freezing temperatures, which will limit your growing…
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“How fast do soybeans dry down in the field?”

While I know that quite a few soybeans have already been harvested according to the Weekly Crop Progress report from USDA, I still thought this article from AgWeb on drying rates for soybeans was worth looking at because of the dependence of the rates on weather factors like temperature and…
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