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Cotton Insect Threshold Chart

I wanted to provide a quick reference chart for common pests in cotton and recommended treatment thresholds.  I hope a condensed chart will be useful and save time.  Please refer to the Georgia Pest Management Handbook for cotton insecticide options or call our office at 263-4103 or my cell phone…
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Peanut Pest Update

Please be aware that there have been several reports of worms in peanuts.  The foliage feeders that I have observed were Fall Armyworm caterpillars.  The treatment threshold for foliage feeding caterpillars in peanuts is 4-8 larvae/row ft.  The low level of four caterpillars/row ft. should be used if the peanuts…
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Ultra-Late Soybean Production

In the last several years, many growers have experienced great success planting soybeans behind corn silage or traditional corn harvested early.  This double crop production system with soybeans has proved to be advantageous in the control of weeds and economically beneficial.  The price of soybeans has provided an economic incentive…
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Tarnished Plant Bugs

        During the last few weeks, I’ve had several questions and calls concerning Tarnished Plant Bugs.   The plant bug builds it’s population in alternate hosts, such as ditches, edge of woods, etc…  In general, bug numbers are up so we should be aware of  their potential…
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Sprayer Calibration

I wanted to share with you a free mobile app that I have found to be quick and easy to use when calibrating a sprayer.  I simply enter the parameters that is requested and select the method that you want the app to calculate.  I usually request the app to…
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Cotton water requirements

I wanted to share water requirement information, provided in the following chart, and demonstrate the importance of water/irrigation during squaring.  Dr. Guy Collins and Dr. Jared Whitaker (UGA agronomist) have provided weekly water requirements for cotton.  The first chart recommends 1″ of water per week, during the first three weeks…
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Cotton – PGRs

At this point, much of the earlier planted cotton is squaring and it is time to consider our options and  begin applying plant growth regulators (PGRs).  I want to share information related to the timing of these applications and various strategies we can use with PGRs.  First, recalling our objective…
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May Beetles in Pecans

During the past two weeks, I have had the experience of learning about a new predator in pecans.  I have been visiting  with a family that has young 2014 planted pecans.  This family’s discovery of a mysterious foliage feeder, has proven to be an opportunity, to educate myself and possibly…
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