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I want to share with you the results of the Brooks County 2014 Cotton Variety Performance Trial.  This cotton variety performance test consisted of 36 replications, 12 varieties replicated 3 times each.  We planted this trial on May 7, 2014 and harvested on October 13, 2014.  Brooks County Extension participated in this trial, to contribute to UGA Extension’s statewide research, related to cotton variety performance.  However, we hope this local, on-farm cotton yield and gin data, is most useful to Brooks County cotton producers.  We hope you can use this data as an additional tool in variety selection for 2015.

The first link listed below, contains data related to the actual plot such as; stand count and vigor ratings, seed cotton/acre, and lint yield/acre.  The second link’s information consist of gin data such as; color grade, staple, micronaire, etc..



The top three ranked varieties as they relate to lint yield per acre are:  Phytogen 333, DeltaPine 1252, and DeltaPine 1137.  Please refer to the link below for cotton performance, by variety, in it’s entirety.

I hope you will find this information to be useful as you rate and compare cotton varieties and their potential.  Please call me if you have any additional questions.

Brooks County Dryland 2014 OnFarm Cotton Variety Trial Worksheet

Brooks2014 variety trial gin data

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