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Forage Quality Testing Importance in 2018

This year has been a challenging year to make hay. About 5 years ago, we had a similar challenging year (even worse that year) and we ended up having a lot of cattle starving to death with a belly full of hay that was too fibrous to digest. So, PLEASE,…
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Replacing Fertilizer in Cotton

Replacing Fertilizer in Cotton Andrew Sawyer Jun 11, 2018 The most common question after these large rain events is have I lost all of my cotton fertilizer, and will I have to start over? UGA Extension Soil Scientist Dr. Glen Harris has provided some information on this topic: May planted cotton could…
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Cotton Fertility

Fertility (Glenn Harris) Replacing Nutrients Leached by May Rains It seems like every time we get a lot of rain I hear people say “well, I guess I lost all my fertilizer”. While nutrient leaching (nutrients dissolved in water moving downward out of the root zone of plants) is a…
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