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Defoliation Update

by Dr. Camp Hand Looking at the weather this week, the number one question is what to do around the rain. Luckily to this point we haven’t had to think much about rain-free periods as it relates to these defoliants, but it will be a little more important this week…
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Spray Volume and Droplet Size Considerations

Spray Volume and Droplet Size ConsiderationsSimer Virk and Bob Kemerait, UGATimely and effective fungicide applications throughout the season are an important tool for growers tomanage and protect yield from diseases like white mold and leaf spot in peanut. While selection of agood fungicide program is critical, it is also important…
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August Weather & Climate Outlook – Pam Knox

August Weather & Climate OutlookPam Knox, Agricultural Climatologist, UGAThe temperature in July has been generally slightly cooler than normal, with daytime temperaturesbelow normal (from clouds) and overnight temperatures warmer than normal due to the abundanthumidity we have experienced this month. This is also reflected in the wetter than normal rainfall…
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