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by Dr. Kemerait

Soybean rust has been found in Lowdnes County

Soybeans in southern  Georgia counties along Georgia-Florida line should be sprayed as they reach R3 (early pod set).

Southern Corn rust was also found in Seminole county Ga.

Speaking of hot and humid, as best I can tell that is what you will experience in much of southern Georgia this week.  “Hot and Humid” will favor further development of southern corn rust, leaf spot on peanut, and also white mold on peanut. 

Corn growers in extreme southern Georgia at high risk now. Corn sprayed within the past 3 weeks should be ok (unless rain came too quickly after application).  Corn not sprayed with fungicide or more than 3 weeks since spray is vulnerable.

White Mold has been found in some peanut crops in south ga. Conditions now are favorable for development and spread of white mold as temperatures rise and canopy density increases in the peanut crop.

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