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Snails on Pecan Trees

I started getting more calls and questions regarding snails on pecan trees. We had this issue last year as well. Rather than “reinventing the wheel”, below is an article written in 2020 by Angel Acebes-Doria (UGA) in consultation with Dr. Lenny Wells (UGA), Dr. Will Hudson (UGA), Dr. Ted Cottrell (USDA), and Dr. Capinera (UF) that gives some good information…
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Warmer Temperatures and Peanut Diseases

UGA Specialists Dr. Kemerait and Dr. Brenneman remind peanut producers to be aware of high risk disease conditions, and treatment options. Over the next week, temperatures in southern Georgia as expected to be near 100 degrees for several days. Such very warm conditions can bring a greater urgency to early-season…
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