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  • 2017 UGA Crop Budgets

    2017 UGA Budgets CLICK HERE   At the above link you will find working budgets that you can enter your farm information and numbers into and get a more accurate number. These are only averages. You may have to save the file to your computer to be able to use the excel spreadsheet. Crop Comparison Tools…

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  • 2016 Crop Budgets

    2016 crop budgets. All the working budgets are online at: UGA Budgets .  You can change the numbers and add your own on the website. This is only an average and numbers may vary from farm to farm. This is simply a tool to help make decisions. However, I think we all can agree that 2016 will be a…

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  • 2015 UGA Crop Budgets

    The 2015 crop budgets are available. Click here for more budgets. These are developed by Nathan Smith and Amanda Smith, UGA Ag Economists. Prices are an average from information received from multiple sources and chemical/fertilizer dealers. You have the option of putting your own numbers in the format.

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