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2016 Crop Budgets

2016 crop budgets. All the working budgets are online at: UGA Budgets .  You can change the numbers and add your own on the website. This is only an average and numbers may vary from farm to farm. This is simply a tool to help make decisions. However, I think we all can agree that 2016 will be a very tough year. Every farmer needs to look at every single input he or she has in a crop. Any input that isn’t creating a profit increase needs to be cut. The current budget has dryland cotton and peanut at -$81 and -$31 (both of those are negative) return per acre after expenses. Also, keep in mind the budgets do not include land rent.

Microsoft Excel - 2016RowCropEnterpriseBudgetComparisons [Protected View] 1212016 85746 AM

Microsoft Excel - 2016CropEstimate [Read-Only] 1212016 90604 AM