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Disease Update June 5, 2017

Southern rust has finally been identified in Georgia in Seminole county. This is likely some of the earliest southern rust to affect our state. Weather condition for the past few days and over the next few days is predicted to have a significant chance of rain and humid conditions. These…
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Wet Weather and Peanut Harvest

This is just a quick and short post to assist peanut growers in making a decision on digging and harvesting with the possibility of a storm approaching by the end of the week. First, my heart goes out to all those affected by the storm. At the present time of writing…
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Peanut Maturity and Fungicides

Most growers have peanuts that are around 100 days after planting. This is the time we generally start checking for maturity to determine how many days are left until digging. There are a few important things to consider when collecting a peanut maturity sample. Remember, the projected digging date is…
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August 2016 Farm Update

Cotton Target spot of cotton is severe in a number of places in Georgia, but also in other states as well as in Tennessee, Mississippi and others. Dr. Kemerait is seeing effective results in his trials from use of timely fungicide applications. Should every grower spray for target spot? Not necessarily. …
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Farm Update

Southern Corn Rust Southern Corn rust is EARLY this year and has been found in Seminole, Wayne and Pierce Counties. Protecting corn approaching or beyond tassel with a fungicide is an important consideration. Once corn reaches the dough stage it is safe. Most likely, Southern Rust is in other area…
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Update on Peanut Disease 2016

Update on Peanut Disease 2016 Though still approximately 6 weeks away from the general start of the planting season, there are  issues regarding management of peanut diseases and nematodes affecting peanut that deserve attention now. Choosing the right variety.  Most of our acreage will be planted in ‘Georgia-06G’ and this…
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