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2017 Southeast Georgia Pecan Field Day

The 2017 Southeast Georgia Pecan Field Day was held August 23, 2017. Over 250 people attended making this year’s field day the largest since it began. This has turned into one of the highest attended field days in Southeast Georgia and one of the largest Pecan Field days in the nation. This year more equipment was on…
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Pecan Tree Insurance

A Pecan Tree Insurance Program has been officially approved and implemented by the USDA Risk Management Agency and will be available to growers starting with the 2018 crop year, which begins on July 1, 2017. Growers have been able to insure their pecan crop for several years and now they…
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2017 Pecan Beginners Course Tifton, GA

The Pecan Beginners Course will be held at the UGA Tifton Campus Conference Center in Tifton. GA on Tuesday, April 18, 2017. There is a registration fee of $10 . Registration at the door will be $15 until we reach capacity of 300 people. Please pre-register so that we will have a…
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2017 Pecan Spray Guide

  2017-Pecan-Spray-Guide Click here   The optimum temperature range for scab infection is 59-77 degrees F and a leaf wetness of about 12 hours. Pecan spray suggestion guide from 2016: 1. Absolute 2. Tebuconazole+Topsin M+Phosphite 3. Absolute+Phosphite 4. Elast/Tin 5. Absolute 6. Elast/Tin 7. Elast/Tin 8. Elast/Tin If rainfall during…
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Georgia Pecan Grower Association meeting

Georgia Pecan Grower Association meeting this Tuesday Jan. 10 at 6pm at Sarah’s in Baxley. Topics: 2018 Farm Bill, crop insurance, risk management, advantages of an IC-DISC, basic bookkeeping, grants available, EQIP and CSP. FSA and USDA will explain their services also. Please register for free with the Georgia Pecan…
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Another Successful Southeast Georgia Pecan Field Day

On August 17 over 200 people attended the 2016 Southeast Georgia Pecan Field Day in Baxley. This annual event has continued to grow and become more popular. This year, even farmers from Alabama and north Georgia attended the field day. I am always amazed at how appreciative pecan growers are…
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Pecan Fungicides and Herbicides

Pecan sprays in our area have already began in some orchards and will soon be starting in most others. The optimum temperature range for scab infection is 59-77 degrees F and a leaf wetness of about 12 hours. Our temperatures are right and rain is in the forecast which means the…
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Pecan Nut Drop

One of the worst things for pecan growers to see is green pecans on the ground dropping from the tree. After taking care of trees, spraying, fertilizing, watering and mowing orchards, for the past six months this year, it’s disappointing to see nut drop. There a few different things that cause…
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Pecan Irrigation Schedule

New pecan irrigation schedule from Dr. Lenny Wells: Intense heat has arrived in South Georgia this week with daily high temperatures in the upper 90’s . This occurs as nuts are sizing and the water demand for pecan trees begins to increase. Up to June pecan trees benefit from irrigation…
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