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Soybean rust was found on kudzu in Jefferson County yesterday for the first time. Soybean rust has been found in kudzu now across the Coastal Plain. Because of this, I advise all soybean producers in the southern half of the state to make a fungicide application at R3 early pod set growth stage.

Cotton leaf roll dwarf virus

The picture shows cotton leaf roll dwarf virus. These are some of the most striking symptoms you should be watching for. We are still learning about this disease and are evaluating our on farm cotton trials to see if some varieties are more susceptible than others.

Cotton Growth Regulator Rain-fastness:

  • Pentia – 2 hours (alone)  & 1 hour (with high-quality adjuvant)
  • Pix – 8 hours (alone) & 4 hours (with surfactant)
  • Stance – 4-8 hours (alone) | 2 hours (with surfactant)

With our frequent scattered rain showers lately, many are asking about the rain fastness of pix. As always, be sure to double check the label of your product.

2020 Appling County Extension Research Trials

If you’d like to see any of the trials, let me know and we can schedule a tour.

  • Blueberry organic fungicides
  • Cotton variety trial
  • High yield corn trial
  • Pecan Fungicide trial
  • Pecan weed control


Yellow aphid populations were extremely high prior to the rain in most orchards. Applications of imidacloprid through drip irrigation, or poured beside tree (1 oz. per tree) work very well. Avoid using any broad spectrum insecticide like permethrin or clorpyrifos (lorsban) as that will only make the situation worse.


Below is picture of nickel deficiency in pecans. Nickel is required by the urease enzyme in plants for the efficient conversion of urea to ammonia. When nickel is at an insufficient level in the plant, urea is not converted as efficiently, and toxicity may develop.

Mouse ear is easily corrected by the application of nickel as a foliar spray in mid-late April when the developing foliage is in the parachute stage. Severely affected trees may need another application 30 days after the initial spray and again in late September or early October to prevent mouse ear in the following spring flush. Newly planted trees mix 1/4 of an ounce per gallon of water and foliar apply.


Southeast Georgia Pecan Field Day

We are exploring options for our field day. Most likely it will be held virtually this year due to Covid-19. I hope to send out more info over the next two weeks.


As of May 22, we officially moved to the Appling county agriculture center 2761 Blackshear Hwy. I still have plenty of storage boxes to go through, though.

Appling County Ag Center

New office

Yes, that is a cedar wood showpig. Smells better than a real pig.

Have we worked through corona virus?

Well, below is a stack of messages from just one week. Messages on left, and to the right is a 500 page pest management handbook.

Remodeling work at ag center (yes, I do that too).


Bathroom in the barn remodel isn’t 100% finished. One of the doors opened into what is now a storage closet, so the door needed to be removed, so I built and added a fake barn door in its place. Some rotted baseboards, a little drywall work, trim, and paint required. However, I think you can tell what the theme is going to be. Below is the progress so far:


As my little girl says, “that’s a John Deere deer”.